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The Memory Machine

The Memory Machine

The Memory Machine2 The Memory Machine is a meditative journey through memories. It was originally designed to be an installation piece, and was exhibited in Oslo in the spring of 2015.
The memories are comprised of 3D-scans from the free app 123D Catch, and are a chronicle of the creators own personal life in the months leading up to the exhibition. The scans themselves are intentionally glitchy and imperfect, to resonate with with the concept of memories – how some are sharp and clear while others are but a vague notion. They also contribute to the dreamlike aesthetic of the experience.
The whole experience is procedurally generated and infinite, making every use unique. The random placement of memories allows users to make up their own narratives surrounding the mundanity of the creator’s everyday life.
The Memory MachineThe Memory Machine features a generative ambient soundtrack, designed in close collaboration with sound designer and musician Willas Rød.
The installation is controlled not with traditional peripherals, but rather light head movement, making the user feel as if he or she is floating. To go forward, tilt your head slightly forwards, looking down. To go backwards, tilt your head backwards. Strafing is done by tilting your head from side to side.


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