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VR Streamer

With the Gagagu VR-Streamer App in combination with the Gagagu VR-Streamer Server (available on http://www.gagagu.de for free) you are able to transfer the Image output from a game running on your Windows PC (only in windowed mode!) to your iPhone. In combination with some corresponding VR Glasses e.g. Durovis Dive, Google Cardboard, etc. you can […]


You can see Google Analytics statistics visualized in VR through this app. You will need working Google account with access to Google Analytics statistics. Currently app shows sessions statistics in years,months,weeks,days. More statistics will be available.

Inside a Fusion Reactor

If we could tap into just one second of the Sun’s power, we’d have enough electricity for the next million years. Scientists are trying recreate that here on Earth. We teamed up with General Fusion, a Canadian company with hopes to have a working fusion reactor within the decade to create this experience for your […]


This virtual reality development by Suboceana® is based on the dives of April 2013, by the globally renowned diver and naturalist Laurent Ballesta, equipped with a Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms timepiece on his wrist and accompanied by specially trained divers and researchers from the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB). Together with ten scientists from […]

MLG_Desert Run

If you have ever wanted to live like an MLG legend then this game is for you! Dodge obstacles and collect power ups with your face in order to get as far as possible without being rekt. Props if you can quick scope yourself a score over 9000.

Bravura – The VR Bullfight Game

You are now the descendant of a noble lineage of bullfighters, Paco Bravo. You have to use all your bullfight skills to run away from a terrifyingly cute bull. However, your mission is placed in a Mexican arena, surrounded by dead skulls in the Day of the Dead. Watch out the bull and try to […]