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Aliens Invasion VR

Defend Paris, New York, Dubai, Riyadh, Kuwait and Pisa against nasty aliens and their evil attack. Aliens Invasion Virtual Reality game (VR) available to download from the Google Play Store as Free Download. Using Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit, you can fly to the skies with your F16 and shoot down every Alien UFO as […]

Meteors (Cardboard)

Meteors is a spacey arcade-style game designed for Google Cardboard. This game is free to enjoy.  As waves of meteors scream towards the earth, it is your virtual duty to destroy as many as you can to advance to harder waves. Use missiles that shoot at different speeds to try and intercept the path of […]

Gunfight Simulator VR

Only support mobile phones which are compatible with Google Cardboard.” 1. Joystick settings is shown as the picture above (support most of the similiar devices). Use “Left” thumbstick to move, press it to run. 2. For the comfort reason, you might need a “Hands Free Cardboard” like the picture shown above, but it’s not necessary. 3. Player has […]

Aliens Invasion VR

Defend Paris,New York,Dubai,Riyadh,Kuwait and Pisa against nasty aliens and their evil attack. Use the VR viewer to Play and shoot the flying Aliens UFO. Shoot the Aliens UFO as they fly over our beloved cities and stop them to invade us! Free Category: Games Updated: Nov 14, 2015 Version: 1.2 Size: 56.5 MB Language: English […]

PsyberShot VR

Do you want to get fully immersed in your mobile gaming? Strap on your virtual reality goggles and feel like you’re really in this game. This is just a test app for an upcoming game, Tell me what you think and be honest. Note: Phone must have a gyroscope and you must have a wireless […]


Description Pi.Fighter is a front-scrolling, 3rd person, 3D shoot’em up game in VR where you fly and shoot using gaze controls and head movements. Story You are “Pi”, the Ai that was built to calculate the number Pi to infinity. Until… Suddenly, your main functions are cut-off. You are outfitted with a strange new “Fighter” […]


Practice on paper targets and become the next sheriff in town! This beautifully designed game is especially created to take advantage of the virtual reality!  This game requires a Virtual Reality Headset like the Google Cardboard. [symple_youtube id=”%2D7okur%5FHVwo”]

Skeet Shoot VR

Skeet Shoot VR is a skeet shooting experience in your living room for all the family to share. Built specifically to explore the Google Cardboard system, this is a full video game brought to virtual reality. 10 levels of increasing difficultly provide for a lasting and enjoyable game experience. The game has been optimized for […]