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Oculus SDK 0.8 is available, but be careful!

After a few months, Oculus released the SDK 0.8 for the Oculus Rift. This brings many changes, including better support for Windows 10. To operate the Runtime, you also need to install the latest beta drivers for your graphics card: NVIDIA Drivers AMD Drivers Applications compiled with 0.6 always seem to work after the first […]

NVIDIA Driver for SDK 0.7

While Oculus VR had some issues with the SDK 0.7 causing it to delay for at least a week, NVIDIA has released an update of GeForce driver to support the latest features of the Oculus SDK. There are also a few bug where an occasional problem crashed the TDR. Despite the Beta status, NVIDIA recommends […]

Oculus announced his next SDK version

Oculus announced his next SDK version 0.7 ,which should be available on August 20th. Many changes are made. First of all, Oculus has worked with AMD and NVIDIA to enable to lower the maximum latency via a new Direct Driver Mode. Instead of adding VR components between the OS and the graphics driver, these components will be directly use […]

OculusVR Reveals more specifications and releases New SDK

Last week Oculus revealed that it will start taking pre-orders for the consumer version later this year, and that it will begin shipping the devices to consumers in the first quarter of 2016. Now the company publicized the hardware requirement that are necessary to run applications and games for the consumer version. They also brought a new […]

SDK 0.4.3 has been released for Oculus users

Almost eight weeks since the last release of the SDK we see a lot improvements. 0 MS latency, stability and performance have improved, driver has been updated to support multi-threaded calls efficiently a, finally Linux is supported (experimental) and an option to suppress the Health and Safety warning is added. See the full change log in the […]