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VR Coaster for Samsung Gear VR

It is hard to find a coaster for the Samsung Gear VR. After searching for a while I found VR Coaster. The title of the coaster isn’t that spectacular, but the coaster itself is the most beautiful coaster I’ve seen in VR so far! The graphics are amazing. The cartoony style is really good and […]

Real Roller Coaster Ride in 360 3D!

Experience a roller coaster ride in 360° 3D! The maker doesn’t give any info on the ride itself but it is an amazing and fun experience! You can download the video file and use with your Oculus Rift and VR Player (http://vrplayer.codeplex.com/). We have not tested the software on Cardboard, but it seems likely it […]

HELIX – The NEXT level

What is Helix? Helix is Liseberg’s – one of the most reknown amusement park in Europe – largest investment ever, in a single attraction. The new roller coaster is longer and faster than any other coaster in the park. We’ve tested it and their claim to construct one of the best roller coasters in the world is […]

Roller Coaster Simulator

Roller Coaster Simulator is a simulation app that lets you build and ride roller coasters in virtual reality. There are currently two roller coasters to ride and you can build roller coasters with your gyroscope. The Roller Coaster Simulator provides and easy way to change between normal view and stereographic 3d allowing for both narrow […]


Enjoy this exciting real-time 3D simulation on your smartphone. This is not a movie, but a real-time 3D environment. You can look up a full 360 ° -space and explore the area while you sit in the racing roller coaster. To enjoy this stereoscopic 3D roller coaster ride in the best way, you can use the i-mmersive […]

Swivel Gun! VR Log Ride (beta)

Tis a simple goal, mate. Knock yer barrels off th’ docks by blastin’ em wit yer swivel gun. Mind ya, there’s a trick that’ll play merry hob wit’cher aim, since you’ll be tumblin’ through a log ride yerself. To Take Aim Wit’cher Cannon: – Use your Google Cardboard or any other mobile VR kits to target […]

RollerCoaster D2 HelloApps3D

Rollers Coaster are alway’s fun! Especialy on a VR googles! The HelloApps’s 3D Dive is yet a nother fun roller coaster to ride from the Korean developer Young Joon Kim. You can navigate 3D space by touching screen. You can set size of side-by-side display for large size of pad. It requires keyboard key’s (S/N) to activate content.