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VR Coaster for Samsung Gear VR

VR Coaster for Samsung Gear VR

VR Coaster4It is hard to find a coaster for the Samsung Gear VR. After searching for a while I found VR Coaster. The title of the coaster isn’t that spectacular, but the coaster itself is the most beautiful coaster I’ve seen in VR so far! The graphics are amazing. The cartoony style is really good and it looks really professional.

The ride starts with a draisine pulling the passenger’s car. As the visible track always gives a hint on where the ride will turn, this makes for a comfortable start into the experience. But then the cars will derail, leading to a wild, adrenalin-filled glissade through the caverns. All through the entire ride, the characters interact with each other, climbing, holding on to one another or just sliding along the track.

VR Coaster3An amazing experience and must for all Gear VR owners (Samsung Galaxy S6 is not supported).

[symple_youtube id=”3xnnhVsRz_4″]


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  1. How to put this on my gear vr. If i try to open it, it says put gear vr. But i can’t find this file in my oculus library.

  2. Any all like this you have to open from your home screen and then place your phone in your head at.

    Even when you do this if crashes to the oculus home screen after the music.


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