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Age of Diamonds

Age of Diamonds is a classic arcade game for mobile Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. It offers a great blend between pure arcade “breakout” like game-play, and original physics and logic based puzzles. Your goal is to collect all the soul-diamonds in the level. Diamonds are locked in the beginning of the level and it takes […]

Way Out VR

This app is for phones using Google Cardboard or a similar headset and it needs a gyroscope and bluetooth controller. The game is inspired by Portal, and I developed it with the only purpose to test the Google Cardboard plugin for Unity. Solve simple puzzles to find the Way Out through all the rooms, grab […]

Jiggery Pokery

Jiggery Pokery is a fun team based board game that pits up to 4 teams of 2 against each other, they compete in puzzles, challenges and games and a race against time to reach the finish line. What makes the game unique is that one person from each team will be participating in the game […]