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Oculus announced his next SDK version

Oculus announced his next SDK version 0.7 ,which should be available on August 20th. Many changes are made. First of all, Oculus has worked with AMD and NVIDIA to enable to lower the maximum latency via a new Direct Driver Mode. Instead of adding VR components between the OS and the graphics driver, these components will be directly use […]

VR Demonstration at the retirement home

Today I gave a virtual reality demonstration at a retirement home in Haarlem (Holland). The elderly don’t have much to do this time of year because of the holyday season, so I brought some fun to their homes today. At first we tried out Colosse: A Story in Virtual Reality. This was a bit scary, […]

Gameplay footage Allison Road horror game

UK studio Lilith Ltd. have released a prototype gameplay footage of their survival horror game, Allison Road on their Facebook page. The game is labeled as a Horror Survival game but it is also comparable with a psychological thriller because it isn’t a straight up horror game. The designers are developing a release for virtual […]

Microsoft will also cooperate with Valve’s VR!

Microsoft makes themselves heard at the E3. Last week the company surprised everyone by announcing a partnership with Oculus, today they also announced to work with Valve. Microsoft and Valve will not cooperate in the development of hardware, but join forces in Windows 10 to prepare them for the arrival of VR games. What means […]

HTC Vive (Steam VR)

The HTC Vive arise from the collaboration between HTC & Valve. It heavily dependent on the freedom of movement. Most specifications of the glasses  are still unknown, but the release date is scheduled end 2015. By then HTC want at least 50,000 to be copies sold. The unique feature of these glasses, in comparison with the […]

Ubisoft has VR compatible games in the pipeline

The CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, has announced that the company has VR-compatible games in the pipeline and that we can expect some games somewhere next year. The company wants to wait until the VR headsets, such as the Oculus Rift, or HTC vive are widely available. Unfortunately Guillemot named no specific titles. He wanted […]


While an exact price hasn’t been announced for Valve and HTC’s upcoming VR headset, one HTC executive warns: Vive VR won’t be cheap IGN let us know in an interview with MCV, HTC’s executive director of marketing. Gattis describes Vive VR as being the “high end” of the VR experience. Read the full story at […]