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Yana VR Relaxation (Cardboard)

Take a deep breath, relax, listen to the ambient music and enjoy the transition from day to night as the sun begins to set. Immerse yourself in the star-filled night sky as the moon rises and a catamaran glides across the dark waters. Is that a shooting star in the sky? Welcome the new day […]

Nebulae dream

Interactive music in reality ‘virtual Cardboard and Homido. You are immersed in an alien world where listen to my music. Approach the probe represented by red cube with a light beam to listen to the music. Good listening and good entertainment. Additional information Price Free Updated October 27, 2015 Size 81M Installs 10 – 50 […]

#HackThePlanet VR Cardboard

Turn On, Boot Up, Trip Out… #HackThePlanet a free vizual sonic mind-wondering ‘Google Cardboard’ Virtual Reality trip for Space Cadets everywhere. The ‘Google Cardboard” Viewer and #HackThePlanet App open a VR portal into an immersive parallel universe inspired by the Anniversary’s of cyberpunk composer Simon Boswell (Ashens & The Quest For The Game Child, Burn:Cycle, Drug […]

Ruins of Krüger play in VR

Ruins of Krüger are a WeirdPop/Bleach Funk/Post Post Punk Band from Berlin, Germany. In this short musical experience the song “eternal party” is played “live” on a virtual mountain, way up in the air. Grav Modulo installed the Mobile Disco to fight the loneliness on Uncanny Peak. The experience makes use of the Oculus Spatializer […]


Master the Art of Spacing Out! Get inside your music. Daydream.VR is a new way to experience music that can change your perception of your favorite songs and mixes. Daydream.VR creates a fully immersive, sound-responsive, fantastical world from your music collection. Daydream.VR loads audio from your music libraries or directly from your microphone. Your audio […]

VR Table Dance Party

Enjoy the table dance party! Watch the girl´s dance and have some fun.  If you don´t like girls, watch the boy´s. You need a vr-headset like the Durovis Dive, Cardboard, Refugio3D, VReye GO, Samsung Gear, Stooksy VR-Spektiv, Homido and others. No controller is needed for this game. To change your seat, watch the arrow sign over another seat. Have […]


Become the guitarist in this Musical experience with the band Paradise Wave. This 360 video can be watched with your Oculus Rift DK2 or you can download the mp4-file to watch it with your own player in Cardboard or your Samsung Gear VR.   [symple_button color=”red” url=”http://www.panocam3d.com/videos3d360/Musical%20Experience%203D%20360%20-%20panocam3d.com.mp4″ title=”Download” target=”blank” border_radius=””]Download 3D 360 VIDEO[/symple_button] [symple_button color=”red” […]

Daydream Blue

In Daydream Blue, you’ll go camping with your pet robot at a lake, where you’re constantly rewarded for curiosity. Skip rocks to make music at night, lay down (literally) on a raft by day to enjoy the clouds, or enjoy a simple game of fetch with your little robot buddy whose enthralled “beep-boo!” is hard […]