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Renegades of Mars VR

As the main gunner your job is to defend the Mars base from hoards of incoming enemy. Your base is equipped with two support cannons that you must manage by repairing and upgrading with salvage collected from your foes. Send out the support bot to collect salvage and repair damaged cannons. Don’t let the enemy […]

Pluto FlyBy VR

Take a ride of a lifetime aboard New Horizons! Travel to Pluto and the very edge of our solar system in this exciting, full 360-degree, Virtual Reality 3D show based on real images. Starting 5 million km away, fly to within 12,500 km of Pluto and gaze where no man has gone before – upon […]

3D Solar System

It’s your spaceship, fly wherever you want.  Explore over eight billion miles of space. Stop and learn about any object you see.  Forty moons, planets, and space probes. Orbit Mars, explore the moons of Saturn. Travel to the edge of space, look at Earth. Watch the Size of the Planets video.

Mars Virtual Reality

Mars VR is a virtual reality experience for your phone and the Google cardboard or any DIY VR phone kit. Walk around the surface of mars in your space suit and explore the planet in 360 degrees. Tested with Samsung Galaxy S4 & S5 gyroscope required. To walk simply look down at the walk plate […]

Orbulus, for Cardboard VR

Orbulus is a hands free app, designed for and works with Google Cardboard and other Smartphone VR Viewers. You control just by looking at things in a tour look at the next Orb to travel to it. Lose yourself in the Oxford Natural History Museum or Melbourne’s award winning bar New Gold Mountain. Travel the world, […]