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VR Photo Viewer for Cardboard

Open any photos on your phone and watch them on a large screen with Cardboard. You will be amazed how photos look when seen upclose. You have to try it. Must have for all Cardboard owners. How to use this app: 1. When launched it will open image file browser so that you can select […]

MAGMA Cardboard VR

Enjoy virtual reality of MAGMA casting simulations http://www.magmasoft.de/en . The simulations are viewable with or without a Cardboard. Several MAGMA casting simulation models exist for viewing. Two of them are already integrated into the App, further ones can be downloaded. To fully enjoy this app you’ll need a Cardboard viewer. MAGMA GmbH has an own […]

Radial-G : Infinity

 Play the endless runner arcade game Radial-G : Infinity for FREE! Includes enhanced mode for Google Cardboard VR! Race for your life in to escape the deadly invasion force attacking the Radial-G universe! Outrun the mechanical alien squid boss whilst dodging his drone minion army as they blast away your race tracks. Fall off too many times […]

Graveyard VR

Walk around in a haunted graveyard in the dead of night and explore in 360 degrees. Free version also available with ads. Tested with Samsung Galaxy S4 & S5. A gyroscope required. How to play: Look up at the sphere for two seconds to initialize an auto walk.

Snake VR

The classic Snake game is now available for VR glasses! It’s inspired on snake classical game known from the old Nokia phones. Will the VR version be a comparable success? This game is powered by Beenoculus!

Apartment Simulator VR

No magnet-switch or bluetooth controller needed, Really feels like you’re in an apartment Instructions: – Launch the app – Place phone on a flat surface, screen face up for 20 seconds to calibrate – Insert phone into your headset and put on the headset – Look around freely – Hover over “Open Door” icons for 3 […]