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VRTube Preview

With VRTube you can enjoy 3D and 2D videos (both online and local) in a virtual reality world. It utilises Google Cardboard SDK to provide you the easiest VR experience and features a touch-free UI optimised for viewing when wearing the Cardboard goggle. You’re able to open Youtube links so you don’t need to type […]

3D Camera for VR Cardboard

With 3D Camera for VR Cardboard you can capture your loving world with awesome 3D effects, using your cardboard or simply by tapping the screen. You can also see your captured image in 3D by using Google Cardboard or through Crossed Eye. [symple_youtube id=”KFhJR1onY4c”]

VR labyrinthe 3D Cardboard

VR labyrinthe 3D Cardboard is a 3D virtual reality maze for cardboard headsets and with the Oculus Rift, this game uses the technique of stereo vision to offer a unique experience of virtual reality. The goal of the game is to find the exit of the maze and collect the keys. Avoid the zombies and […]

The Traveler

An ambient Virtual Reality experience that lets you discover exciting new worlds. Each time you enter the world of the Traveler you will be treated to a new and unique mini-world. Works with Google Cardboard. Headphones are recommended to get the full experience. Features ★ A unique environment that changes every time you play ★ […]

The Solun Cortex

The Cortex VR-headset combines virtual and augmented reality in one device. The Cortex features 3D sensors and scanners that detect the surrounding area of the user and integrate it within a game or application. This makes it possible to freely move through a living room where your furniture is digital added. It seems a bit […]

Optonaut – 3D Panoramas with your Smartphone

Optonaut lets you record Virtual Reality panoramas using just your smartphone in real 3D! The kickstarter for this great project last for just 48 hours. Vacation season is starting and how amazing would it be to take your experience with you to share with family and friends? Optonaut is an app that lets you easily […]

Virtual Kaiju 3D

Have you ever felt the fury of the Kaiju? Have you ever felt like burning it all down to ashes? Now you can. Kaiju is a Japanese word that literally translates to “giant beast” (most famous Kaiju is Godzilla). Walk in the shoes of Kaiju and destroy the city… In 3d!!! A virtual reality mayhem. Hunt […]

Cardboard Mountains

Cardboard Mountains is a virtual reality demo that works with Google Cardboard. The player bounces around the map, flying over trees, mountains, and valleys, creating a stomach-churning experience. There is both a “night” and “day” mode, each giving a unique experience. Player rotation is available for those with a strong stomach, and can be turned […]