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Optonaut – 3D Panoramas with your Smartphone

Optonaut – 3D Panoramas with your Smartphone

optoOptonaut lets you record Virtual Reality panoramas using just your smartphone in real 3D! The kickstarter for this great project last for just 48 hours. Vacation season is starting and how amazing would it be to take your experience with you to share with family and friends?

Optonaut is an app that lets you easily capture and share places in 3D using your smartphone. Your friends can experience these places as if they were there themselves. All you need are Virtual Reality glasses like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or Durovis Dive. The best part: for capturing, there is no additional device needed at all. To take a Virtual Reality photograph – or an Optograph, as the developer calls it – you only need the Optonaut app. Slowly turn around and take a full panorama shot. Optonaut will do the rest for you. After you have fully captured the scene, you can share the Optograph with your friends and family.

If you like VR and want to make your own VR 360 photographs, this is the app you need. With 226 backers they are almost at their goal.

Klik this text to open Kickstarter!


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