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Roller Coaster VR – 3D HD Pro

Roller Coaster VR – 3D HD Pro

!!! VR Case (Google Cardboard, Dive, Homido etc) required! To really enjoy this experience as designed, you need a VR Case as a requirement! Otherwise this will not work. Most 1 star reviews are from people who don’t understand the Virtual Reality concept yet.
Check here for more info on what you need to make it work:

!!! Note: This HD version runs best with the top range of devices such as Galaxy Note 4, S6, Edge etc.

For lower spec devices (slower & older Smartphones) look out for other versions called ‘Roller Coaster Cardboard VR’.

If you like Rollercoasters, then this is defiantly for you!

Jump on a Virtual Reality 3D Rollercoaster ride and don’t forget to look around!

Designed for VR cases such as Durovis Dive, OpenDive, Cardboard or equivalent.

– Go Button let you start at your own pace
– Fast experience, as most objects are kept small
– Features Tokyo – Akihabara (Akiba) City

Keep your hands inside!

Enjoy, but keep your hands inside 🙂

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