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Roid Hunter

Roid Hunter

Roid Hunter is a thrilling immersive adventure where you have to save your outpost from an inter-dimensional meteor shower. Place your phone into a Google Cardboard (like) device and experience the sensation of operating the laser to defend your station from the three dimensional onslaught. Roids are teleported into the containment area, where you are responsible for disposal. Keep aware of what is around you in all 360 degrees or a Roid could dispose of you. You must beware because these are intelligent Roids that learn from your patterns and adapt and get faster as you clear them away.

There are 4 Power Ups in the Containment Area with you. They are black pulsating spheres that you can shoot to activate. The 4 powers available are Machine Gun, Shield, Freeze and Grenade. You can only use one at a time.

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