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Highway Stunt Bike Riders VR

Highway Stunt Bike Riders VR

Snelweg Stunt Fiets Ruiters VR2VR present an updated version of Snelweg Stunt Fiets Ruiters VR… now you can enjoy the racing bike stunts in virtual reality using Google Cardboard glasses. Liberate your hands…. just wear Google glasses and game play. Highway Stunt Bike Rider VR is a fast bike racing game in 3D. If you dare you can pass cars closely and make stunts with your bike to increase the speed and get higher scores and cash. Be careful with your maneuvering though, crashing into cars will hurt! You’ll never dare to drive so fast in the real world! Control your motorcycle with incredible fast speed during traffic rush time!

Snelweg Stunt Fiets Ruiters VR3how to play

  • – Choose a bike ride bicycles or Super Choppers
  • – Set your phone to Google Cardboard
  • – Tilt to Steer your motorcycle head to the left or right
  • – Look down for Speed ​​Booster
  • – Look up to stunts
  • – Look left at the opponent cyclists punch
  • – Look right opponent cyclists Kick
  • – Spend your money to unlock new bikes

Properties of the game

  • – A collection of ten amazing Superbikes & Choppers
  • – Full 3D display
  • – Make stunts to earn money
  • – Drive near Cars to Make Money
  • – Smooth controls
  • – Excellent graphics and sounds
  • – An exciting bike racing and stunts experience in VR

Enjoy exciting highway bike racing game with realistic physics and great graphics that are perfectly optimized for 3D high-resolution devices.

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