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Goggle VR Helicopter Flight Las Vegas

Goggle VR Helicopter Flight Las Vegas

Goggle VR Helicopter Flight Las Vegas2The new Goggle VR glasses give you the impression to really be over Las Vegas. Take that crazy 360 degree real helicopter flight over Vegas by night without leaving your home, even without leaving your couch! You control the view in all directions during the flight. Turn your head, look up and down outside of the helicopter.

There are no simulation all is real. It is a real helicopter flight. You fly an extraordinary route, directly over the Strip and over the hotel skyscrapers. The normal tourist sightseeing flight routes are always far from the Strip and cost many times more than that great app-flight experience. The normal tourist helicopter you can see on the horizon. If you have made such a tourist flight Las Vegas once, test the difference here.

Start the app and slip your iPhone into one of the many available Goggle VR glasses. With the help of the split screen each eye is assigned its own view. The gyro-sensor in the iPhone, and that is special, moves the picture in front of your eyes according to how you move an bow your head.  This gives the impression of having a look around in a real room or environment.

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