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Virtual Desktop 1.0 Trailer

With Virtual Desktop you can see your desktop in VR, watch 360 photos and videos and play games in 3D! The developer just posted a trailer for his final release! If you own a VR headset this is a must buy! Virtual Desktop will be available this month on Steam. [appbox steam 382110]


FlyInside adds Oculus Rift DK2 support to both Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D. Beyond the basics, FlyInside aims to make virtual reality flight simulation a practical, powerful, and enjoyable experience. FlyInside includes: Asynchronous timewarp — Flight simulators are notorious for their inconsistent and low frame-rates. FlyInside provides a silky smooth experience with its built in […]


You can see Google Analytics statistics visualized in VR through this app. You will need working Google account with access to Google Analytics statistics. Currently app shows sessions statistics in years,months,weeks,days. More statistics will be available.

Senomix VR Clock

It’s easy to lose yourself in games and movies enjoyed in Virtual Reality, but it’s a bit too easy to lose track of time as well. The Senomix VR Clock provides you with a “real world” solution by giving you an audio clock you can use with your Oculus Rift games and movies. Set an alarm to […]

Virtual Desktop

 Tired of taking your rift on and off to get games running? By efficiently replicating your desktop into the Rift, Virtual Desktop allows you to see your desktop on a giant virtual screen. This allows you to launch VR games and resume from them seamlessly. You can also browse the web, watch movies or even […]