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DARK SOULS 3 IN VR – Dark Souls 3 First Person mod with the Oculus Rift!

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Who said Dark Souls 3 in VR with a first person mod with the Oculus Rift was a bad idea? Nobody? Oh, ok. But still, this probably wasn’t the best of ideas, even if it was insanely cool. Wonder if I’m actually the first person to beat a boss in VR in first person in Dark Souls 3. Who knows, but all I know is that it was amazeballs.

Hi! My name is Austin Hooper, and I make virtual reality gaming videos! With my trusty Oculus Rift, GearVR, Razer Hydras, and many more VR gadgetry, I try to find the best and most compelling experiences to share with the world! VR is here, and I’m coming right along with it. So, I hope you’ll join me on my adventure into VR! And like I always say, I’ll see you in another reality! BWUAHHHH!!!

Link to the mod: https://www.reddit.com/r/darksouls3/c…

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Robbert As some of you may know, I have been suffering from the aftermath of a traffic accident, a severe case of COVID-19, and a transient ischemic attack (TIA). These events have taken a toll on my physical and mental well-being, and I can no longer keep up with the demands of running a VR website and channel. I want to thank you all for your support and feedback over the years. You have been an amazing community and I have enjoyed sharing my passion for VR and gaming with you. I hope you will continue to enjoy VR and explore its possibilities. I will leave the website and channel online for now, so you can still access the content I have created. However, I will not be posting any new blogs, videos, or news. I hope you understand and respect my choice.


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