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Double Destruction

The miniature dungeon raider (VR player) has to find all the Runes to return to normal using their ‘Rune’ meter on the magical book they carry. The problem is, they are being chased down by ghosts, and it’s pitch black. It’s up to their full sized buddy (tablet player) to keep the path lit for […]

S.P.Y. Robot VR

 Controls You only need the touchpad Turn into all directions and holding the touchpad moves into the direction looked Swipe for turning a certain amount if you are sitting Back Button on Gear VR will bring you always to the main menu where you can exit to Oculus Home A blinking wifi symbol which acts […]


 Fathoms Below Summary Fathoms Below is an underwater adventure game which uses unique controls designed specifically for the Gear VR headset. The player swims to various areas and solves puzzles in order to unfold a story of the connection between humans and merpeople. Controls We’ve developed a unique head motion input system to simulate swimming […]

Hungry hungry spider

Hungry hungry Spider is a fun little game for in between or when you want to grab your daily dose of VR before you go to sleep because this game you play lying down. Once you get yourself comfortable lying down you can start experiencing the world above you. What you will find in “Hungry […]

Starship Endurance

Milestone 4 You are in control of one of the last command panels on a start ship that is being attacked. The game is very audio driven, so headphones would be preferred to be used. Control the game with head movement only. Navigate 3 screens and their different systems to increase oxygen, fire weapons, update […]

Neuralgia VR

Combine the minds of two people to collect clues and solve puzzles in this asymmetrical co-op game. Created for the Oculus Mobile Jam by the people who made Chicken Walk, ElementL and Kaiju Panic. Walkthrough (SPOILERS, only use if you get stuck!) [symple_youtube id=”7L2DHXrRTAw”] Setup Requires 2 Gear VRs Both devices need to be on the […]