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Cardboard Sec

You are a security guard at a museum and are tasked with keeping the museum safe, but it’s a rough night and your equipment is constantly failing you. A thief is taking advantage of the situation and is stealing artifacts from the museum. You must sound the alarm if you catch him stealing anything. If […]

Last Floor VR

Darkness is without, darkness is within… It throws a smeary shroud of fear over the weak in spirit and takes them where there’s no point of return… Entering an elevator cabin each day, are you certain it will stop right in your world? Get ready to face your nightmares! Please, look at the lever, to start the […]

I Slay Zombies – VR Shooter

The Z-virus is real and the zombie apocalypse is upon us. I SLAY ZOMBIES – VR SHOOTER places you in the middle of the fight against the undead. In this exciting virtual reality (VR) horror shooter you will have to use your arsenal of deadly weapons to the fullest in order to survive. Don’t let […]

VR Duck Hunt

This game is for Google Cardboard and other 3D mobile virtual reality headsets. Use your virtual reality headset to hunt ducks in this FPS game! Get ready to shoot and hunt ducks and geese in 3D virtual reality, as a duck, geese, and bird FPS hunter on a boat. Experience the real sensation of hunting […]

VR Mage Vanguard

Grab your Google Cardboard…ahem, I mean, gaze through the visor of your magic helm! Count Drakar, in a bid to control the realm, first launches an assault on the King’s most powerful ally, you, the Mage of Pelinore. What will you tell your grandchildren one day? That you let Drakar take control of Pelinore? Or […]

Hardcode (VR Game)

HARDCODE — a 3rd person VR shooter game for mobile VR headsets like Google Cardboard, Homido, Fibrum, etc. FEATURES: – Fast action – Full use of a gamepad controller – Single player missions – Local multiplayer COMPATIBILITY: – HARDCODE supports any mobile headsets (Google Cardboard, Homido, Fibrum, etc.) – Compatibility with Samsung Gear VR is […]

Astro Protector VR & Cardboard

Welcome to the (VR) future NOW! This Virtual Reality 3D space game support Android smartphones and tablets with a customised 3D printed VR-Canvas. VR Case Support: – Cardboard (no Magnetometer support yet) – (Open) Dive by Durovis – Stooksy VR-Spektiv – HOMiDO – VReX – vrAse – Merge VR – Merlin VR – ImmersiON-VRelia GO […]