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DINOSAUR HUNTER ROWDY | Island 359 – HTC Vive Gameplay

Island 359 is literally crawling with Dinosaurs. But they chose me to do something about that. Armed to the teeth we fly in by chopper, ready to make some big bucks by selling Dinosaur heads. That is if I make it back alive… Currently in early access.

Gear VR: The New Screen Capture Function (And How to Record Audio)

The ability to capture screenshots and video has been added to the Gear VR. I show how to use it, provide some sample recordings, and talk about its drawbacks along with a few different ways to record audio.   By Charles Alan Ratliff  

Gear VR: Profiles, Friends, and What They’re Lacking

The ability to create a profile and add friends has been released on the Gear VR. I show off how to set up a profile, add friends, and discuss how I think the whole system can be improved.

Space X hunter VR Level 1 gameplay Android free Vr Game 2016

You are a Space X Hunter: You fight a horde of enemies whose purpose is to absorb the energy of the solar systems. A unique name will be assigned to the first launch of the game, allowing you to identify yourself with the other Space X Hunter. You must complete a series of missions, the […]

Gear VR: The S6, Note 5, and S7

I use the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5 with the Gear VR and compare them, and look at the upcoming S7 in terms of virtual reality.

Gear VR: Two Friends Try Gear VR For The First Time

Ryan and Kaylen try Gear VR for the first time.

Gear VR: The New Universal Menu

The Gear VR’s Universal Menu was updated today. Here’s what it looks like and how it differs from the old one.

Gear VR: Tutorial and Universal Menu

I show the tutorial that initiates when you first use the Gear VR, along with the Universal Menu.