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VR ONE Media2The ZEISS VR ONE Media Launcher app is your central hub for launching Virtual Reality (VR) apps on your smartphone. Discover the latest apps made especially for the ZEISS VR ONE virtual reality headset as well as other apps which are compatible with the headset. New submitted VR apps will be added in the VR ONE Media Launcher app dynamically. Apps marked as “Made for ZEISS VR ONE” in the VR ONE Media Launcher can be selected and started immediately, without having to remove the smartphone from the headset. This is enabled by the innovative and intuitive user interface of the ZEISS VR ONE Media Launcher.

Apps listed in the category “VR apps compatible with VR ONE” can be started within the Media Launcher app. Except iOS VR Apps, which does not support the URI scheme.
However, as “VR apps compatible with VR ONE” are not optimized for ZEISS VR ONE, the visual experience may be unpleasant depending on the quality and distance of the center of both images of the VR app. If this happens, exit the app.

Apps not having the UI Navigation on board can also be listed in the Media Launcher, e.g. the VR ONE AR App.

– Browse the listed apps in a VR environment without having to remove the headset
– Enable stereoscopic mode in the headset by simply rotating your smartphone to landscape orientation
– Install new apps effortlessly: you will be redirected to the Apple App Store automatically
– Launch your installed VR apps “made for VR ONE” using the ZEISS VR ONE Media Launcher without having to remove the headset.

For more information, please visit: www.zeissvrone.tumblr.com.

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