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Treasure Rides

‘Treasure Rides’ is a fast paced ‘rush game’ set in ancient mines and tunnels. This roller coaster ride will keep players’ heads spinning as they decent at breakneck speed towards the treasure chamber. Keep the mine cart on the track. Avoid gaps, dodge them with quick actions to avoid falling off the tracks. A fall […]

Marty Space Runner

“MARTY – Space Runner” is a first person running game in the style of infinite runners like ‘Subway Surfer’ or ‘Sky Punks’. It features Marty, a space exploring alien crashing on a uncharted planet after colliding with an asteroid. In order to fix the broken spaceship to escape the hostile environment, Marty needs to collect […]

Baams Away!

Baams Away offers playful physics based gameplay that is guaranteed to make you smile. It takes place in a lighthearted world full of playful settings and comical characters. It offers some of the safest first time VR experience, grounded in a zeppelin flying at a constant speed with enough particles to offer the player a […]

VREducation by Q3D

 Back to school! Our app presents some ideas on the potential of having “holographic” human representations in VR (think Oliver Kreylos videos 🙂 ). We built a VR classroom experience with a 3D-recorded teacher, so that you can experience a very special lesson, as if you were there. Quick review Virtual reality course by a […]

Hungry hungry spider

Hungry hungry Spider is a fun little game for in between or when you want to grab your daily dose of VR before you go to sleep because this game you play lying down. Once you get yourself comfortable lying down you can start experiencing the world above you. What you will find in “Hungry […]


Andromedum is a VR novel with narration and changing environments depending on where you are in a story. Book specific locations and environments change according to the page you’re on and accompanied by audio book style narration. Controls – Gaze, touch pad Mechanics – Interactive virtual book with animated flipping pages. Look around in 360 […]

That in the Moon did Glitter

Where are you? How did you get here? To find out, explore your tiny new world with the help of a motley cadre. Beware of the day — you’re safe at night while the strangers are asleep. Scavenge to find materials to safely barricade yourself away from the light. If you can survive long enough […]

Le Bon Bon

 Le Bon Bon Roll big delicious donuts for your precious dying mouse grandmother. Description You are Pierre the mouse and you love your grandmother so much. As her last wish she has asked you to bring her her favorite sweets from the most popular bakery in Paris, “Le Bon Bon”. Unfortunately Edgar, the head chef […]