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Virtual Tour Google Cardboard

Rather than glimpsing art & photography in the confines of rectangular frames, step into them in virtual reality with the Google Cardboard for supported smart phones. Explore a wealth of places daily. Voice your concern to info@VisitVR.com before low ratings. Example places: Petra, Jordan Tibet, China Göreme, Turkey Khiva, Uzbekistan Oia, Greece Sahara, Morocco Grand […]

Animalloids VR

Animalloids is not a complete game by any means. It’s like a little train ride with no point other than to just look around. The developer creatied this demo to try cardboard and discover the posibilities. If you don’t expect to much it’s a fun app.  The app might not work on phones older than Nexus […]

Gameplay: GRID Autosport in the Oculus Rift

Grid Autosport is a racing video game released by Codemasters for Microsoft Windows in Juni 2014. Codemaster added Oculus Rift support to the game which gives it a whole new dimension. The Career mode is divided into seasons before which the player each time has to choose between offers from the game’s racing teams. The […]

Steampunk Skyship

The skyship was created for a Virtual Environments class at the University of Texas at Dallas. The ship and its elements were modeled by Caleb Pond and Michelle Villamarin in Maya. Then, the elements were brought into Unity and then rendered out of Unity for the Oculus Rift. The project is purely a concept project. […]

Archena Ancient Baths

In this VR simulation you are able to visit Archena ancient baths, where waters are used for both preventive and curative purposes since 2000 years ago. Our team have modeled in full 3D detail all the real environment to ensure you´ll get the most realistic experience. Leap motion users will also enjoy touching the water and […]