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In The Shadows

You wake up stranded in the middle of a labyrinth left with nothing but a torch and a dimly lit flame. Off to the distance you hear the deep growl coming from a beast of unimaginable size. What will you find in the shadows? This is the first of several apps coming soon for iOS. […]

VR Labyrinth

Just start the game and enjoy; no touch controls needed for menu or game control. Find your way out of the Labyrinth and rescue the princess. You only have 210 seconds before the light of your candle goes out.  

Cardboard Labirinto

Find the end of the amazing labyrinth. Play the real wooden labyrinth forgotten on an island. The game is made for Google Cardboard, but a real headset is recommended. This game is still a development version. There are some known bugs Please restart the game in such a case. [symple_youtube id=”K5V5vMpgWng”]