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VR Island HD for Google Cardboard

Explore an amazing high definition island vacation in virtual reality! Hold the trigger down on your Google Cardboard device to move in the direction you are looking, or use a button on a mobile joypad. This demo works best on the iPhone 6, 6+, 6s, and 6s+, as lower end iPhones simply do not have […]

VR Island Quest

Run through virtual reality (VR) obstacle courses on the island and in the clouds, solve mazes, climb a cow and fly on the back of a giant bird. Retrieve all the items on the island and return them to their owners. Features: – Can be played without gamepad, controller, magnet or touch controls! – Intuitive […]

Tsunami Island

You have been stranded on an island that is being constantly hit by tsunamis. People used to live on the island 40 or so years ago- when the tsunamis started coming- now all there is left are some buildings and a few tools. You must use your intellect, and speed, to survive the coming tsunamis […]

Shoggoth Rising

You’re a shipwrecked seaman, stranded on a very small, lonely island where you found shelter in an old lighthouse. Defend yourself against endless waves of terrifying sea monsters – the deep ones. Prepare for a relentless, unforgiving and addicting arcade experience! Only the ones with extremely fast reactions, strong nerves and exceptional skills will be […]

Lost Island VR

Enjoy your walk through this island paradise with multiple elements and mysteries. Look through your HMD such as Cardboard so you can enjoy the Virtual Reality experience. Minimum Requirements: Quadcore 1.3 ghz processor 1 gb RAM gyroscope Visor HMD as Durovis Dive, Vrase, LakentoMVR, 3Deva … Gamepad