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Insidious VR

Confront the terror of Insidious like never before in Insidious Chapter 3: Into the Further, a fully immersive, 3D/360° virtual reality experience based on the hit film franchise. Elise Rainier (actress Lin Shaye) acts as your guide to the horrors of the afterlife, as you navigate the Further’s darkest reaches in this chilling VR experience. Insidious […]

Emergency Water Landing VR

In the near future, people will learn about safety through virtual reality experiences and immersive games in their homes. This demo provides you with a glimpse of that future, created at the University of Udine by the Human-Computer Interaction Lab (http://hcilab.uniud.it), a research and development team specialized in safety apps (for more apps see http://hcilab.uniud.it/apps). […]