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Quake for Google Cardboard

GAME ASSETS ARE NOT INCLUDED – THE APP CAN DOWNLOAD SHAREWARE QUAKE SEPARATELY FOR YOU ======================================================================================= Due to copyright and the nature of the EULA the game’s assets are NOT included, they need to be downloaded separately. The app can download the shareware version for you and unpack the relevant bits, you will be offered […]

Wario World for Oculus Rift

Last week I tried a few GameCube titles. Wario was one of them. The game works flawlessly with the Oculus Rift. You get a bit nausea playing for too long, but is a great experience. You’ll need the Dolphin VR emulator and I used a Xbox One controller to control the game. I added a […]

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on Dolphin VR

Today I’ve tried Harvest Moon a wonderful life on my Oculus Rift DK2. This game was originally made for the Nintendo GameCube and was released in September 2003. Since I have the original game disc we’ve tried it with the Dolphin emulator for Oculus Rift. The result was remarkably good. Although the low frame rate […]