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Yana VR Relaxation (Cardboard)

Take a deep breath, relax, listen to the ambient music and enjoy the transition from day to night as the sun begins to set. Immerse yourself in the star-filled night sky as the moon rises and a catamaran glides across the dark waters. Is that a shooting star in the sky? Welcome the new day […]

Perfect Beach VR

Imagine a glorious tropical beach. Glistening waves gently lapping against shimmering white sand. Glorious sunshine beaming down from pristine blue skies, birds soaring high above. A perfect break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A Perfect Beach just for you. Using Virtual Reality we have been able to create this new relaxation experience. […]

VR Zen Garden – Cardboard

The peaceful sunset environment is perfect to assist in meditation, and calming nerves after whatever life might throw at you. Listen to the sounds of birds, wind, and the trickling river as you examine classic stonework lanterns and a quaint wooden bridge around you. Additional information Price € 1,14 Updated October 7, 2015 Size 40M […]