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ReelTime VR2Are you ready for the ultimate Megs McLean VIP experience? Become a Megs McLean insider with the ReelTime VR app, complete with Google Cardboard and other VR headset capabilities!

– Use virtual reality to step inside the famous London Bridge Studio with Megs and her band, featuring legendary
Drummer Ben Smith of “Heart” and Brad Smith from “Blind Melon” on Bass
– Keep up with country music’s rising star as she talks about her latest single, “It’s My Truck”
– Become the ultimate fan, with an insider sneak peek for what it’s like to be Meg in the “Virtually Me” feature

Robbert Hi, I’m Robbert, I love to share my passion for virtual reality and games with everyone. I make video's and post the latest news, games and apps on VRBites.com and YouTube. You can check out my channel on http://www.YouTube.com/ClassicGamerNL. Thank you for reading my post! Love to hear what you think and I hope to see you back.



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