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More VR from an unexpected company


Carl Zeiss is mostly known for his lenses. Now the company released a brand new virtual reality headset. It works in a similar way to Samsung’s Gear VR, in that it uses your smartphone to create the VR world in front of your eyes. But it has not the extra tracking sensors and a touchpad on the side, like the Gear VR. The headset uses a slide-in tray system to adapt several phones for use inside the device. At the moment there are  trays for the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5 available, but they promise more will come later this year. Phones with screen sizes between 4.7-inches and 5.3-inches are all possible candidates.

The headset will be compatible with the existing virtual reality apps that work with headsets like Google Cardboard. It will also  play 3D media content from YouTube and Google. The Carl Zeiss uses his own ‘AR Cube system’. A software development kit for its own system is already released, so more content should be coming any time soon in the future.

 Pre-orders are open, the VR-One is priced at $99, or 99 euros, including the adapter tray of your choice. The VR-One should start shipping before Christmas.

 If you have an iPhone 6 of Samsung Galaxy S5 you can pre order here:

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