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What is a cookie?

We make use of cookies by VR Bites. A cookie is a small file containing pages of this website and / or Flash applications, is transmitted and stored by your browser on your hard drive of your computer. The contents information can be sent back to our servers when you visit.

Use permanent cookies

Using a permanent cookie we can recognize you when you visit our website. The website can therefore be dedicated to your preferences. Even if you have given permission to place cookies allow us to remember this by using a cookie. Because of this you do not have to repeat your preferences so you therefore save time and create a more pleasant use of our website. Persistent cookies can be removed from your settings on your browser.

Use of session cookies

Using a session cookie, we can see which parts of the website you have viewed this visit. We can therefore adapt our services as much as possible on the surfing behavior of our visitors. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close your web browser. In this way we can tell whether there rather articles about games or prefer to read articles about cameras and we can customize the information that we provide them.

Tracking cookies from ourselves

With your permission we will set a cookie on your device, which can be obtained as soon as you visit a website from our network. This allows us to know that besides our website also on that other website (s) have been in our network. It thus accumulated profile is not associated with your name, address, email address, etc., but only serves to tailor advertisements to your profile so that as much relevant for you as possible.

Tracking cookies from our advertisers

With your permission place our advertisers, such as Google, “tracking cookies” on your equipment. These cookies use it to keep track of the pages you visit their network, in order to build up as a profile of your online surfing habits. This profile is also built on the basis of comparable information they get from your visits to other websites from their network. This profile is not linked to your name, address, email address and the like as known to us, but only serves ads to tune in to your profile so that they are relevant as possible for you.

Google Analytics

Through our website, a cookie is placed from the US company Google, as part of the “Analytics” service. We use this service to track and get reports about how visitors use the website. Google may also transfer this information to third parties if Google is legally required, or if third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. We have no influence. We have Google / not allowed to use the obtained information for other Google Analytics services.
The information that Google collects is anonymous as much as possible. Your IP address is not given explicitly. The information is transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google claims to adhere to the Safe Harbor principles and is affiliated to the Safe Harbor program of the US Department of Commerce. This means that there is an adequate level of protection for the processing of any personal data.
We use this information to show our advertisers and suppliers of gaming hardware and how many visitors we have. Without this information, we may not earn revenue and we could not get review samples.
Also on VR Bites buttons included to promote web pages (“like”) or parts (“tweet”) on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. These buttons work through code snippets that come from Facebook or Twitter itself. Cookies are placed by means of this code. We have no influence. Please read the privacy policy of Facebook of Twitter (which may change regularly) respectively to read what they do with your (personal) data they process via these cookies. ”
“The information they collect is anonymous as much as possible. The information is transmitted to and through Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn stored on servers in the United States. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ set to comply with the Safe Harbor principles and are affiliated with the Safe Harbor program of the US Department of Commerce. This means that there is an adequate level of protection for the processing of any personal data.

Right to access and correct or delete your data

You have the right to request access to and correction or deletion of your data. Please see our contact page. To prevent abuse, we may ask you to identify yourself while appropriately. When it comes to access personal data linked to a cookie, we will need to send a copy of the cookie in question. You can find it in your browser settings.
Enabling and disabling cookies and disposal
More information on enabling and disabling and deleting cookies can be found in the instructions and / or by using the Help function of your browser.

Remove tracking cookies placed by third parties

Some tracking cookies are placed by third parties including via our website ads to you. These cookies can not delete your centrally via Your Online Choices so that they are not transferred to a third party website.

More information on cookies?

On the following websites you can find more information about cookies:
Consumers, “What Are Cookies?”
Consumers: “What are cookies?”
Consumers ‘Delete Cookies’
Consumers ‘Disable cookies’
Your Online Choices: “A guide to online behavioral advertising”

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