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Tech demo


On Gamescom I found a really interesting game that was made by two young developers for their graduation assignment: Filipe Simonette and Julie Baechtold. The game had a really nice concept. As a parent you watch over your young cubs and tell them what to eat and what not to eat by shaking you head. […]

Sermon on the Mount

Here is another Oculus experience that requires no input from the player. I’m currently working with the company ‘Immersive Faith’ to create some historical biblical experiences. This is the beta version of the Sermon on the Mount in which Jesus gives a sermon to his disciples. For more about religious experiences please check out www.ImmersiveFaith.com   […]

Virtual Valley VR

VR experience created for the Oculus Rift DK2. Experience camping in a quiet valley with a giant wombat, koala, dragonfly, yeti, UFO, Loch-ness and a stone temple with a water nymph. Sit by the fire amongst the mountains and watch the day turn to night. Take snapshots of your trip and save the images to […]

Independence Acres

You want to rid your once peaceful ranch of the pesky drones that keep coming to spy on you. Using your trusty shotgun, you climb the water tower and take aim. Independence Acres uses head-related transfer function 3D audio technology to help the player quickly localize the targets in the virtual space. Independence Acres is the Grand […]

Journey by Boat

Experience a short boat trip through the surreal cartoon world of Governor-general Award–winning Canadian artist Wallace Edwards. Created from hundreds of original analogue illustrations. Journey by Boat propels you through crystal caves and past flying, vacant-eyed frogs on the back of a tattooed whale.       Information Developer Wallace Edwards Publisher Futurestories Press Release […]


Keys: Q – Turn Left E – Turn Right M – Move the next customer to an “Ordering state” R – Reset ingredients in blender and set ingredient count to 0. Escape – Pauses game Steps to making a Smootheroni: 1) Click Ingredients on shelf to set as active ingredient 2) Space bar to spawn […]

Ruins of Krüger play in VR

Ruins of Krüger are a WeirdPop/Bleach Funk/Post Post Punk Band from Berlin, Germany. In this short musical experience the song “eternal party” is played “live” on a virtual mountain, way up in the air. Grav Modulo installed the Mobile Disco to fight the loneliness on Uncanny Peak. The experience makes use of the Oculus Spatializer […]

MLG_Desert Run

If you have ever wanted to live like an MLG legend then this game is for you! Dodge obstacles and collect power ups with your face in order to get as far as possible without being rekt. Props if you can quick scope yourself a score over 9000.