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Cave Bound

Controls: The only required controls is the Touch Pad. Avoid crashing into the floor, ceiling and columns by pressing and holding down the touch pad to fly the helicopter up. While releasing the touch pad to decrease speed and altitude. Mechanics: Avoid the cave walls. Try to fly as far as possible in each stage […]

Le Bon Bon

 Le Bon Bon Roll big delicious donuts for your precious dying mouse grandmother. Description You are Pierre the mouse and you love your grandmother so much. As her last wish she has asked you to bring her her favorite sweets from the most popular bakery in Paris, “Le Bon Bon”. Unfortunately Edgar, the head chef […]

Ruins Of Chronos

Ruins of Chronos is a 3D platformer set in a peculiar alien planet, home to the ruins of a past but advanced civilization. You must find the hidden treasure and sophisticated technology they left behind- but you’re not alone in the search. Controls: A controller is required for this game. A swivel chair is recommended. […]


PhaseShift is a 2.5D Cinematic platformer action/adventure featuring unique stylized 3D retro pixel art. Our game tells the story of Dr. Hoffman, a brilliant chemist who, as a result of a breakthrough discovery – accidentally synthesizes a compound which activates latent receptors within the human brain. Eventually, this discovery allows him access to a mysterious […]