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Virtual Reality Architectural Visualization Demo

This is a beta version of an architectural visualization of a residential condo, created by Arch Virtual.http://www.archvirtual.com It was built from a Revit model translated into Unity5. It also includes several elements from our Immerse Framework toolkit for VR development. Immerse is a bit like WordPress for VR, insofar as it provides you with a […]

The Beach House

Relax by the turquoise blue water on the deck of a Caribbean beach house. Listen to soothing sounds of waves lapping on the beach and the purr of a kitten resting at your feet. Created using Unreal Engine. Information Developer MBrown Publisher MidnightVR.com Release Date October 15, 2015 Category Experience Supported Rift Versions DK1, DK2 […]

Ruins of Krüger play in VR

Ruins of Krüger are a WeirdPop/Bleach Funk/Post Post Punk Band from Berlin, Germany. In this short musical experience the song “eternal party” is played “live” on a virtual mountain, way up in the air. Grav Modulo installed the Mobile Disco to fight the loneliness on Uncanny Peak. The experience makes use of the Oculus Spatializer […]

Inside a Fusion Reactor

If we could tap into just one second of the Sun’s power, we’d have enough electricity for the next million years. Scientists are trying recreate that here on Earth. We teamed up with General Fusion, a Canadian company with hopes to have a working fusion reactor within the decade to create this experience for your […]

MARUI – Plugin for Autodesk Maya

So you’re making a game for Oculus Rift, but to make the 3D models you still use your 2D screen? Why not do the modeling in VR, increase your productivity and get a better immediate understanding of how your model would appear your user? If you use Autodesk Maya, this Plug-In is for you. A simple […]