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Tana Pura

Tana Pura is an audio-visual experience designed specifically for the VR medium set to a musical composition by Jonny Greenwood. Thematically, it explores the moments following death, and the transition of the soul into the afterlife. Inspirations include The Tibetan Book of the Dead and The Psychadelic Experience. The piece is designed to be experienced […]

The Curator’s Mini-Museum of Natural History

The Curator brings wonders and curiosities from the natural world for your viewing pleasure dear visitor. The miniature, the mundane and the the marvellous will be transformed and brought to life in fantastical detail. You’ll see things in ways that you’ve never seen them before. The Curator’s museum will have three themes and you’ll have […]


Welcome to the wacky world of my3D Bubble Bolt! Become a Fish, Shark, or Starfish and navigate your way past obstacles by tilting and moving your viewer. This frenzied puzzle game is easy to learn, highly addictive and provides endless fun with 25 3D levels. Watch out and don’t fall off the edge, or your […]

Temple of Mind

This is an interactive music experience for the track “Temple of Mind” by my friend Shamanic Technology. Instead of passively watching a music video, the listener is transported into a realm where they must find the temple of mind for themselves. This is my first project with Unity. I started this project as a learning […]