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The Curator’s Mini-Museum of Natural History

The Curator brings wonders and curiosities from the natural world for your viewing pleasure dear visitor. The miniature, the mundane and the the marvellous will be transformed and brought to life in fantastical detail. You’ll see things in ways that you’ve never seen them before. The Curator’s museum will have three themes and you’ll have […]

VREducation by Q3D

 Back to school! Our app presents some ideas on the potential of having “holographic” human representations in VR (think Oliver Kreylos videos 🙂 ). We built a VR classroom experience with a 3D-recorded teacher, so that you can experience a very special lesson, as if you were there. Quick review Virtual reality course by a […]

Speech Center

Improve your speaking skills as Speech Center coaches you through a hostile audience and scanning attention around the room. Everyone faces difficulties in communication, whether it’s speaking publicly, chatting with your girlfriend in a coffeeshop, or singing karaoke with friends. Practicing public speaking builds experience and confidence, but talking into a mirror only gets you […]