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Back To The Future EXPERIENCE! (Hill Valley 1955)

Back To The Future EXPERIENCE! (Hill Valley 1955)

You made it!

The year is 1955, you just came back from the date November 12, 1955 (the date the Clock Tower was struck by lightning) but after you went into time, you went back two whole days to be exact. Explore the Hill Valley Set days before the Famous Clock Tower meets it’s last tick!
All models have been created by me, including everything you see here. The Music is created by a private Studio. More functions will release in the next Version!
“R” = Reset your Tracking Device Position
“Enter” Restarts the Experience to Beginning
Driving Controls:
Up Arrow: Forward
Back Arrow: Backwards
Right and Left Arrow: Turns car
Left Shift: Opens the Driver Door.
Left Control/Command: Closes Driver Door.
Right Shift: Time Circuits On
(This turns everything on, including the Flux Capacitor)
Right Control/Command: Time Circuits Off
Press Q to Enter “Hover Mode” The tires will open themselves.
Spacebar: Hover Up
Press “F” and Hold to Hover Down (Careful on Speed).
“A” Turns the Car Left
“D” Turns the Car Right
“S” Glides you backwards
“W” Throttle Forward
Up Arrow: Pitch Down
Down Arrow: Pitch Up
Left Arrow: Twist Left
Right Arrow: Twist Right
It is very tricky to go from Hover to Drive mode so i’ll explain how to do it. Stable the car upright and hold F to touch your tires on the ground. Once this is done, while holding F press “Alpha 2” (not the numpad 2, the 2 above the “Q”. and you should go back into Drive Mode. Press Q to go back to Hover at anytime.
Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts. I will be releasing a Daytime version of this as well so if it’s not already out. Definintely check it out when you see it available.
Created by FuturisticHub
Created by FuturisticHub
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