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VRkanoid VR

VRkanoid is our interpretation of the old classic arcade game Arkanoid but in VR (virtual reality). We invite you to try out our virtual creation and leave your comments bellow. Only with feedback from VR gamers we can push the game to the next level. We will update the game and the virtual reality experience […]

Aquarium VR

Take a journey under the sea to discover what lies beneath our virtual aquarium. This interactive aquarium features sharks, clown fish and many more. Look deeper to learn more about the ethereal sea life in the pacific ocean. If you want to discover what type of fish is in our virtual reality aquarium, gaze at the […]

Sharks VR for iOS

In this game you start diving near coral atoll reefs of Nuru-Haua. You dive into the main island of the atoll but suddenly you’re aware that the area is infested with sharks. Suit your natural skills and your experience diving among sharks to cross the reef? Are there more hazards you had not expected? Find […]

Sea World VR

Dive into the endless oceans and enjoy the beautiful fishes, dolphins and corals, but don’t get caught by the sharks. The game is built with and best supported for Android 5.0 Lollipop. Look at the bottom to change button to orange and start moving.