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Animalloids VR

Animalloids is not a complete game by any means. It’s like a little train ride with no point other than to just look around. The developer creatied this demo to try cardboard and discover the posibilities. If you don’t expect to much it’s a fun app.  The app might not work on phones older than Nexus […]

HELIX – The NEXT level

What is Helix? Helix is Liseberg’s – one of the most reknown amusement park in Europe – largest investment ever, in a single attraction. The new roller coaster is longer and faster than any other coaster in the park. We’ve tested it and their claim to construct one of the best roller coasters in the world is […]

Cyber Space

Cyber Space is a game where the brains get significantly shaken up. Once you put on your Oculus, you’ll sit in the chair of the so-called ‘Pendulum ride’. This chair is connected to a big arm that will spin you into the air. What makes this experience so special, is that your brains generates the feelings […]

VR Theme Park Cardboard

VR Theme Park Cardboard is a Virtual Reality theme park for Google Cardboard. You could walk around your very own private theme park. Experience the Pirate ship, Octopus, Roller Coasters and many more as is if you were actually there for as little as a can of coke!         “Its not just […]