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Le Bon Bon

 Le Bon Bon Roll big delicious donuts for your precious dying mouse grandmother. Description You are Pierre the mouse and you love your grandmother so much. As her last wish she has asked you to bring her her favorite sweets from the most popular bakery in Paris, “Le Bon Bon”. Unfortunately Edgar, the head chef […]


Users gather in virtual fantasy spaces to watch and listen to music. The spaces dynamically react to the intensity of the music, performance, and crowd. The environments also contain user interactive elements. Examples of fantasy environments may include: underwater, the moon, forest, beach, a 16-bit video game, haunted house, etc. This demo is set in […]

Aetheria: Weekend Retreat

Welcome to Aetheria, an alternate reality for the guidance and practice of meditation to achieve a healthier body and mind. The Retreat Center in Aetheria is located on an island with a variety of places to discover. In addition to Guided Aetherial Meditations, there are multiple locations in Aetheria where you are welcome to practice […]

Maker From Below

Maker From Below is a cooperative multiplayer* first-person action game set in a science fiction desert environment. You play either as a smuggler or a sandworm. Smugglers have the goal to cross the desert and make it to the desert town. Sandworms have the goal to stop the smugglers and snatch them from the surface. […]

Ruins Of Chronos

Ruins of Chronos is a 3D platformer set in a peculiar alien planet, home to the ruins of a past but advanced civilization. You must find the hidden treasure and sophisticated technology they left behind- but you’re not alone in the search. Controls: A controller is required for this game. A swivel chair is recommended. […]

Rainbow Smasher

Rainbow Smasher is a free for all arena combat game where you battle against other unicorns for supremacy. The game features online play – fight to be the first to reach the max kill count in a given round. You can play via GearVR or PC and compete freely across platforms. Rainbows will fall, cuteness […]

Spirit Defense

Astral project your spirit into defensive towers to battle corrupted creatures of the forest. Can you stop them before they get to your camp? Spirit Defense will bring a simplified tower defense game into VR. Players will be able to gaze at and possess a tower by using the GearVR’s tap pad or gamepad to […]

Temple of Mind

This is an interactive music experience for the track “Temple of Mind” by my friend Shamanic Technology. Instead of passively watching a music video, the listener is transported into a realm where they must find the temple of mind for themselves. This is my first project with Unity. I started this project as a learning […]