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Aquarium VR

Take a journey under the sea to discover what lies beneath our virtual aquarium. This interactive aquarium features sharks, clown fish and many more. Look deeper to learn more about the ethereal sea life in the pacific ocean. If you want to discover what type of fish is in our virtual reality aquarium, gaze at the […]


Welcome to the wacky world of my3D Bubble Bolt! Become a Fish, Shark, or Starfish and navigate your way past obstacles by tilting and moving your viewer. This frenzied puzzle game is easy to learn, highly addictive and provides endless fun with 25 3D levels. Watch out and don’t fall off the edge, or your […]

Fish Schooling VR

Float around underwater, watch the schooling and the subtle interactions between different groups. Use some headphones for a more a immersive experience, and don’t forget to breathe. This is a simple demonstration using Google Cardboard, no movement or buttons are used. Simply sit back, chillax, look around and enjoy the VR experience.