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Pixel Ripped

Pixel Ripped Most gamers of my age grew up with Atari, Commodore, Amiga, Nintendo, GameBoy and Sega and saw the world change from paper to tablets, from letting notes to texting smartphones and remembering a map to GPS-system which remembers it for you. Sometimes I dream back to those good old days, and feel so lucky I have experienced it all. If you’re a younger gamer or if you want to go back in time for that nostalgic feeling, you have to try Pixel Ripped!

Pixel Ripped2In this amazing little game you’ll follow the gaming addicted character Nicola. As playing Nicola you play through the gaming ages of her favourite game: Pixel Ripped. The game starts in a living room where you can start the first game.

When the first game starts you’re back to a classroom as we remember it from the mid-80s. Under your desk you hold a GameBoy with the game Pixel Ripped. You can play it as long as the teacher is not watching. But that isn’t all, you can also shoot clots at her. This is a real trip down memory lane for me! Besides bullying the teacher the game is full of fun and surprises. Pixel Ripped3Most of the time the game brings back those nostalgic feelings so you remember the good old times from your youth. I’m sure the maker of the game intended to let you feel this way. We hope development continues this way. This was way too much fun!

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