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Lunchtime with my Gear VR – Skylight

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Today on Lunchtime with my Gear VR I take a look at the new RTS Strategy game Skylight. This one is done by E McNeill the developer who brought us other great titles such as Darknet and Tactera. Like his previous titles McNeill has opted for a holographic look to the gameplay which works so well in the Gear VR! I have never been a huge fan of RTS or strategy games in the past but Tactera and Skylight have made me a believer that this game style is a perfect fit for VR! I would absolutely love to see this game released on the Oculus Rift with Touch support as well. I can only imagine how cool it would be to walk around these battles as they were happening and to have the ability to place and manipulate my fleet with my hands! If you have a Gear VR then I highly recommend getting a copy of Skylight. the game has a free mode and the full game can be unlocked for only $4.99.

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