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Lunchtime with my Gear VR – New Oculus Home and Sky Fighter Training Day

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Today on Lunchtime with my Gear VR I take a look at the new Oculus Home and play a bit of Sky Fighter Training Day. I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised to see that Oculus Home is now the same on Gear VR as it is in the Oculus Rift CV1. It’s a great improvement over the old home screen and makes things much easier to navigate. As for the gameplay portion of today’s lunchtime segment, I play a bit of Sky Fighter Training Day. This game was really cool! The graphics are decent and the gameplay seemed fun. It is a gaze based flight game that also uses the controller. My only complaint is that I wish I could just fly with the controller, but other than that this one is definitely worth a look… especially for free!

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