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Lunchtime with my Gear VR – Escape Velocity

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Today on Lunchtime with my Gear VR I take a look at Escape Velocity. I want to thank Michal from SETAPP for sending this my way. I had heard of it, but never saw that it was released because it is not available on the Note 4 for some reason? I don’t know why Oculus would have blocked this one from being released for the Note 4 and Innovator edition Gear VR because it worked great! C’mon Oculus… Why would you block this app for release for us Note 4 users? This is an experience that has to be seen to truly be appreciated… The graphics look good because this one was done in Unreal Engine 4 and also the game plays smooth as butter.


vrgamerdude will be showing and reviewing some of the recent DK2 demos and games that are available for download as well as offering tips, tricks and information on getting older games running using the various injection drivers that are available.

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