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KICKSTARTER Widerun – The first full immersive VR biking experience

KICKSTARTER Widerun – The first full immersive VR biking experience

The Tour de France is comming! And if you are a cycling and VR enthousiast, your dreams may come true with the first full immersive VR biking experience. Widerun is the first bike trainer you connect to Oculus Rift. Ride in full immersive VR worlds, from SF to the Alps, like being there!

Widerun is the first fully interactive bike trainer specifically designed to deliver engaging fitness sessions through VR headsets and external screens. It delivers a responsive, immersive, biking experience with unlimited virtual 3D worlds featuring games and bike tracks all designed to create exciting and challenging fitness sessions.

The current status

The current prototype contains all main functionalities and it works pretty well. The following pictures show the current status and set up of the Widerun bike trainer and steering component.

Demo set up
Demo set up

The steering component is basically a digital compass, connected wirelessly to the base station. The picture and video show the reaction and how it works.

Steering picture

[symple_youtube id=”Xfj6FTpvo70″]

With this device, simulation games like Tour the France will finally be fun! Imagine this in a massive Multi player game! See the Kickstarter page and pledge.

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