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Ride in the co-driver seat of Hyundai Motor Company’s i20, which won at the German rally of WRC (World Rally Championship) 2014, and engage the realistic excitement of driving. HYUNDAI VR+ has been developed to provide realistic driving experiences fans of motor sports by regularly updating WRC races held in 13 countries each year. This application is run in not only VR mode, which uses commercial HMD or Google Cardboard, but also general mode. So, everyone can enjoy the driving videos of HYUNDAI i20WRC. In general mode, you can move by dragging and select menus by touching the device screen. In VR mode, gyro sensor is run to select menus according to the user’s eye movement. To return to the previous menu, tilt the smartphone by 90 degrees. So are you ready to immersively experience the driving performance of Hyundai Motor Company’s world rally car ‘i20WRC’?

Key Functions :
– VR(Cardboard) functionality
– 360 degrees panoramic view
– Hyundai Motorsport images
– 3D games
– Facebook integration within game

Language Support :
– English, German, French, Spanish, Korean

Device requirements :
– Android 4.1 or higher
– To access VR contents using Cardboard, it is recommended to use a device with a display measuring 4.7 inch or larger.

[symple_youtube id=”0Bjn5IWcOds”]

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