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Google invests millions in virtual/augmented reality glasses

Google invests millions in virtual/augmented reality glasses

Google takes off after the competition and wants, like OculusVR and Samsung, to develop a virtual reality HMD. The company is investing over half a billion dollars in Magic Leap, which makes glasses for augmented reality.

The Magic Leap is a wearable displays that creates augmented reality images. It means that the glasses can project three-dimensional images of the ‘real world’. The technology still need a lot of work, but Google sees a bright future. At least if we may believe the last rumors. An anonymous source leaked information to the website recode.net. Magic Leap is doing an investment round, and expects say that some companies, including Google, invests a 500 million dollars start-up for the development.

When we asked Google and Magic leap for commend, their lips were sealed.


Magic Leap calls his own wearable “cinematic reality”, since other terms such as virtual and augmented reality are not always accurate. Magic Leap says that they offer a user interface for portable computers. However, it is questionable if the device is ready.

According to the sources at recode.net, the device would work in the same way as Google Glass works, where an image is projected to the eye of an user. The depth of field is also adjustable, so the user is getting a better 3D experience.

It is not surprising that Google is investing in VR. The company sees that competitors, such as Facebook (with Oculus Rift) and Samsung (with Gear VR), firmly betting on virtual reality. The company also tried it with Google Cardboard. Which is a folding cardboard package, which you can use with your smartphone to view virtual reality images.

We at VR Bites say: the more competitors the better. More content is more fun!


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